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I worked in the film industry for 10 years and was a regular fixture on television episodics, sit-coms and a few movies-of-the-week throughout the 80s. I had always enjoyed dabbling in art but somehow never realized that it could be a career. While I was working in Norway in 1984, one of the assistant cameramen regularly took me to an ongoing workshop where we drew from a live model, usually nude or partially draped. It was eye opening and one of the most wonderful things I had ever done up to that time. That experience inspired me to really start checking out the LA art scene when I returned home.

In 1989 I had an epiphany when I read over some old journals. I suddenly realized that even when my acting career was going incredibly well, I just wanted to be painting. I read and reread the same yearning in page after page of my journals. My true love was art! I threw caution to the wind and applied to Otis College of Art and was accepted. I ended up working harder than my worst 26 hour filming days and pulled in a BFA. I am proud to have graduated as class Valedictorian. While I was at Otis I also figured out that I was most inclined towards sculpture. I was fortunate to have dynamic instructors who let me explore my interest in the 3 dimensional even during painting and drawing classes.

After graduating from Otis I took off 6 months to catch up on sleep. I then went over to Claremont Graduate University for my MFA. While I was there I acquired a deep love of performance, installation and collaboration with other powerful women. I was incredibly fortunate to form friendships with several dynamic women with whom I continue to work in Bite Collective.

Although I have been an artist for over 10 years I am in many ways just starting out and consider myself an emerging artist as my time since school somehow got filled up with even another career (construction) and starting a family.